Ready to earn more money, reduce your caseload, and feel like YOU again?


The coaching program for burned out and bored therapists who are ready to give hustle culture the finger and discover a different route to success.
Lucy feels excited, energetic, and creative again

“I’ve reduced my working hours by almost half”

“Reducing my caseload and cleaning up my practice has unlocked an energy and creativity that only comes when you have more time. I used to wake up in the mornings with such a sense of overwhelm and anxiety but now it’s been replaced with an excitement that’s like waking up on Christmas morning as a child.

I can’t wait to get to work because I am working with clients that set me alive and when I’m not with clients, I’m learning about marketing, copywriting, and building my second business — all the stuff we’re not taught in our clinical training. I’m very excited for everything that lies ahead, which is such a refreshing change after years of feeling depleted, zombie-like and burned out, and in more recent years, bored. I was ready to use a different part of my brain to do something different and now finally I’m using it!”

Lucy Smith

PhD, Licensed Psychologist and Badass Guide

Paige increased her income by 25% immediately

“I would call myself a premium fee therapist now”

“Maegan helped me reduce my caseload from 30 hours a week to just 9 and I no longer see clients in the evenings. I have brain space now whereas before, everything felt so cluttered and fast and I didn’t have any time for myself. I was constantly worried about clients and breaking all my boundaries, but now Maegan has helped me respect them. It feels so good. I believe in myself now and feel confident to charge my increased rates.

I am super sensitive and I need a lot of hand holding and caretaking, and Maegan did just that. She gave me constructive feedback in a non-attacking way that built me up. I’ve gained huge clarity on my business and what I need to do to make it work for me. She’s helped me comb through my endless ideas to figure out what I really love. Honestly, she’s worth every penny.”

Paige Bond

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist


“I love my work, but I can’t do it this way anymore.”

You’ve built a successful therapy practice from scratch, and you’ve worked your ass off to get here—you have a full practice, decent income, and steady stream of client referrals.

Let’s stop for a moment to celebrate this achievement! Sincerely, you should be proud of yourself. I’m proud of you! Congratulations!

But secretly, you find yourself thinking, “Is this it?!”

Even though everything looks great on the outside, it doesn’t feel so good on the inside. You know something drastic has to change if you want to keep doing what you love (even if right now you’re not sure you still love it).


Are you on the brink of burnout (and ready to burn your private practice to the ground)?

Every morning, you wake up feeling suffocated by overwhelm and the weight of responsibility you feel for your clients—all before the first ray of sunlight hits your face.

You grab your phone, hoping today’s clients canceled while you were sleeping, but no such luck. Dragging yourself out of bed, you resign yourself to another day of private practice reality.

You tell yourself you’ll stop taking evening and weekend clients soon—that this won’t last forever—but “soon” doesn’t feel soon enough. And you’re not sure when it will.

You’re worried your clients aren’t getting the care they deserve. But what about you? Don’t you deserve more than this too?

Or are you just feeling bored and ready for the next big thing?

You’ve felt burnout before but right now things are ticking along quite nicely! The problem is you’re getting a bit bored of the same old routine.

You’re wondering how you can earn more money and expand your impact without working more hours, jeopardizing your therapy license, or starting a group practice. (Yes, it’s possible!)

So, what comes next? There’s something very exciting for your brilliant brain just around the corner (or further down this page).


Working harder doesn’t stop the burnout (or cure the boredom).

Have you ever noticed that your dreams feel even further away the more hours you work and the more clients you take on?

It’s like hitting the gas when you’re stuck in a ditch. Yeah, it feels like it’s the right thing to do—but the wheels keep spinning, you get covered in mud, and you go absolutely nowhere.

Let’s invite ease and creativity into your life instead, shall we?

You’re low-key ambitious and ready to bring your secret dreams to life so that you can:

  • Take three months off a year and travel to places that you’ve only read about

  • Work no more than 30 hours per week and have energy for your family and loved ones again

  • Hire your own full-time assistant and focus your time on doing the stuff that sets you alive

  • Own a vacation home on the lake and create magical memories for years to come

  • Save enough for retirement to fund a luxurious lifestyle in your golden years (because seriously, you deserve it!)

  • Fulfill your secret fantasy of having a TED Talk, best-selling book, high paying speaking gig in the south of France, or leading a movement that changes the world…

And most importantly?

You want to love the work you do every single day without feeling overwhelmed by the burden of other people’s emotional well-being.

You’re not selfish. You’re smart. And this vision is totally doable. I’ve done it. My clients have done it. And now it’s your turn.

So, what’s holding you back right now?

I’m guessing it’s one of three things...
  1. You’re taking care of everyone else before looking after yourself

  2. You’re being held hostage by “blank slate” mentality and barely know who you are or what you want anymore

  3. You’re emotionally drained by a jam-packed 1:1 therapy shedule

It’s not your fault. You’re trapped in private practice prison, handcuffed to your butt-in-chair schedule, and it’s miserable! Trust me, I know, because I’ve “done time” there too.

But the good news? I’m here to help you break free from private practice prison by creating your next-level business and reclaiming your life.


Just in case we haven’t met…
Hi, I’m Maegan Megginson!

My professional credits include Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist, 7-figure group practice owner, and creator of this here coaching business. I’m passionate about working with ambitious therapists who’re ready to become deeply rested and wildly successful.

I’ve been where you are right now—burned out, bored, and hungry for something new. After years of trial-and-error, I’ve perfected the roadmap that’ll lead you to your happiest and most creative professional self. Together, we’re going to turn your private practice into a profitable personal brand.

“I created Next-Level Therapist to help ambitious therapists like you become wildly successful without burning yourself to a crisp.”

“Maegan was there to not only listen to my self-doubt, fear, and anxiety, but to also use her magical pixie dust to calm it and give it direction.”

Sheila Tucker


“I have never before been part of a group that showed such a genuine desire to help each other succeed.”

Jordan Klekamp


The 6-month group coaching program that will recharge your energy and reignite your creativity by transforming your private practice into a profitable personal brand.

Next-Level Therapist is a self-paced curriculum-based program with personalized coaching from Maegan and support from an intimate cohort of fellow therapists.

You get lifetime access to the curriculum and six months of access to the coaching community, ensuring there’s zero pressure to race through the modules or keep up with anyone else.

The first half of the program focuses on recovering from burnout and reconnecting with yourself. This is where we fix everything that’s broken in your private practice and clear the path for what comes next in your career.

The second half of the program focuses on laying the foundation for your future by shattering your blank slate persona and creating your very own personal brand. Together, we’ll design and launch your first 1:many offering, ensuring you’re ready for success beyond private practice.

Yep, that means you’re only six months away from fewer clients, more money, and deep personal fulfillment. Sounds good, doesn’t it?

Over the next 6 months, I'm going to show you how to...

  • Diversify the way you make money
    Hello, passive income!

  • Be fully expressed as your unapologetic self
    No more biting your tongue because it’s not appropriate to share your honest opinion

  • Serve your clients in creative, out-of-the-box ways
    Bust out of butt-in-chair prison so you can do your best work in half the time

  • Choose when (and how much) you work
    Set your dream schedule and take off as much time as you please

  • Make more money than you ever thought possible
    Seriously, bring a broom, because we’re about to shatter your glass ceiling

  • Prioritize rest, pleasure, and joy (without sacrificing professional success)
    Because none of this matters if you’re not taking exceptionally good care of yourself

The proof is in the client pudding!

Listen to what these real life Next-Level Therapists have to say about their experience in the program.
“Through Maegan's coaching, I've really been able to create a business that really truly works for me and that is also successful.”
Lindsey McGovern


“I knew that this was a place where I could take risks, be vulnerable, and dare to grow.”
Nyssa Brown

Curriculum Expert

“I'm happier, more energized, and no longer struggle with imposter syndrome.”
Rebecca Marcus


The Next-Level Therapist Curriculum

Perfect Your Private Practice

…and reclaim your life!

We’ll start by raising your fees, reducing your caseload, creating your dream schedule, and establishing boundaries that’ll protect you from burnout. Perfecting your private practice will give you the space, time, and energy for the exciting work ahead.

  • Fix What’s Broken

    We’ll assess what’s not working in your private practice and create an action plan to plug the holes that are sinking your ship.

  • Create Your Dream Schedule

    Design your weekly dream schedule, reduce your clinical caseload, and finally give yourself the space to rest and unlock your creativity so you can do the exciting work ahead.

  • Raise Your Fees

    Create an ethical plan to increase your monthly income so you can reduce your caseload and immediately recover the cost of this program.

  • Burnout-Proof Your Practice With Boundaries

    Establish clearly defined boundaries (and learn how to enforce them like a compassionately assertive boss) to ensure your business is serving YOU first and foremost.

Unleash Your Personality

…and create your personal brand!

Now that your private practice is running on autopilot, it’s time to explore who you really are, what you really want, and how you’re going to express more of your unique personality in your business. It’s time to shatter the blank slate and show the world (or at least your clients) who you really are.

  • Make it Personal

    You’ve spent too long putting your clients’ needs before your own. Let’s clarify why you want to be a business owner and what you really want to be known for. This clarity will be your compass as you create your personal brand.

  • Reveal Your True Colors

    Who are you underneath your therapist persona? We’ll create a safe space to uncover and celebrate the real you—your talents, sense of humor, and bold opinions are all welcome.

  • Face Your Fears

    Explore and transform the blocks and fears that hold you back from being self-expressed in your business so that you can unleash your personality and unique creativity.

  • Embrace Bold Self-Expression

    This step-by-step guide will help you weave your personality and core values into your personal brand—without jeopardizing your therapy license.

Find Your Dream Clients

… and fall in love with your work again!

After infusing your business with personality, it’s time to identify your dream clients (yes, therapists can choose who they work with!) and create a screening process that guarantees only your favorite clients make their way into your office and 1:many offerings.

  • Create Your Red Velvet Rope Policy

    Identify your dream clients and create a rock solid screening system so you only work with people you love—saving your sanity and re-energizing your passion for your work.

  • Choose Your Target Market

    Choose the best target market for your business to ensure you actually enjoy marketing your offerings to people who are hungry to buy what you’re selling.

  • Understand Your Dream Clients

    Pull out those therapy skills! We’re going to psychoanalyze the needs and desires of your target market to ensure you’re creating 1:many offerings they want and are willing to pay for.

  • Create Your Personal Brand Marketing Message

    Finally, we’ll identify the #1 biggest result your clients get from working with you so we can create a magnetic message that attracts your dream clients like moths to a flame.

Diversify Your Income

… so you can make more money without seeing more clients!

Your private practice is running smoothly, you’ve injected loads of personality into your business, and you’re ready to call in your dream clients with ease. The only thing left to do is diversify your income stream by creating and launching your first next-level offering!

  • Develop Your Burnout-Proof Business Plan

    Learn about the magic of scalable 1:many offerings and create a unique plan for scalable success that aligns with your strengths, desires, and vision for your future.

  • Design Your Next-Level Offering

    You’ll design a transformative next-level offering using evidence-based curriculum design techniques, guaranteeing your clients get great results (and you get great sales).

  • Build Your Audience Using Relationship Marketing

    It’s time to tell the world about your personal brand! You’ll create your perfect marketing plan and implement it with ease—without using social media or doing anything you don’t want to do.

  • Sell & Deliver Your Next-Level Offering

    Finally, we’ll help you launch and sell your new next-level offering to your dream clients—proof that you really can create a profitable business beyond your private practice! Congratulations!


Get personalized coaching with Maegan and join an intimate community of next-level therapists.

When you join Next-Level Therapist you get:
  • 2x 90-minute group coaching calls with me every month—yep, your chance to get direct coaching with me as you work through the Next-Level Therapist process

  • 1:1 Accountability Coaching with Nancy Guidry to ensure you have everything you need to succeed in this program (think of her as your Next-Level Therapist concierge!)

  • Access to a private Facebook group where I hang out Monday-Thursday to answer all your questions and give feedback between group coaching calls

  • A community of like-minded therapists (I seem to attract the kindest members—this is a safe space for introverted, highly sensitive souls who want to thrive without hustle)

  • Lifetime access to your Next-Level Therapist curriculum and companion workbooks

  • Audio lessons available via private podcast feed for ultimate listening flexibility

You’ll also get 2x bonus coaching sessions every month!

On top of the 12 coaching sessions with Maegan, we’ve teamed up with two extra specialist coaches to set you up for success in ALL areas of business.

  • A monthly copy coaching call with copywriter Arianna Smith to help you turn your therapist jargon into compelling copy that attracts your perfect clients.

  • A monthly curriculum coaching call with Nyssa Brown to help design a transformative 1:many offering that gets your clients powerful results (and gets you way more sales).

You’ll end the program feeling clear, grounded, and one giant step closer to becoming deeply rested and wildly successful!

Imagine, six short months from now, you can go from overwhelmed and exhausted to excited, inspired, and fully recharged.

Your private practice will be looking after YOU instead of just looking after your clients, and you’ll be wondering if there is a way to bottle up and sell all the creative energy you’ve got rushing through your body! This is just the beginning of an exciting new chapter for you and your personal brand.

Brené Brown? Esther Perel? Oprah? They’ve got nothing on you, my friend.

What this is not: Another extrovert-led, high energy coaching program that pushes you beyond your limits.

Here’s what we’re not going to do… we’re not going to push your earnings to 5-figures, then 6-figures, and then 7-figure years just because that’s what we’re told success looks like.

I’ve been in those hustle and grind programs that pushed me past my energetic limitations and conflicted with my emotional needs—and they always led to one place—burnout.

After experiencing one of the worst burnouts in my life, thanks to a program like that, I was forced to make a decision—either admit I’m not cut out for this and give up on being wildly successful or find another way to create success that doesn’t sacrifice rest.

Thankfully, I did find a way. A way that allows me to succeed at my own pace, with plenty of time for reflection and a little bit of napping en-route…

And now I’m going to share everything I know with you.

“I feel so much more relaxed now and have real clarity on how to take my business to the next level.”

“Now I know how to craft more uninterrupted time which has allowed me to get really clear about my purpose. But what I didn’t expect in Next-Level Therapist was the insight that Maegan gave me — she saw things in me that deep down I’d wanted to bring forward but hadn’t felt confident about integrating. She’s helped me become fully myself in my work and she saw things in me before I saw them. She has such a warm empathy — she’s like a warm weight pushing you, lovingly but firm, so you go forward and take action in your own time.”

Kim Torrence

Licensed Clinical Social Worker

“I’ve never before been part of a group that showed such a genuine desire to help each other succeed.”

“I intentionally created a business to serve others, but somewhere along the line, that service to others came at my own expense. Joining Next-Level Therapist was just what I needed to get my current practice in shape so that I could regain my time and energy to focus on expanding and growing my business. Now that I’ve completed the program, I feel more creative and attuned to what I want and need as a busy professional. My Fridays are now free, I am ending work earlier, and I’ve gotten way more specific about my time boundaries with my employees.”

Jordan Kleklamp

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

So, what do you think? Are you ready to become a Next-Level Therapist?

You’re just one click away from becoming deeply rested and wildly successful. Select your preferred payment option below to complete your application.

Monthly Investment


$750 /per month

(for 6 months)

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Pay-in-Full Investment



(save $300)

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“If you’re considering joining Next-Level Therapist, DO IT! Worth every penny. Best investment I have made in myself and my profession since graduate school (and I could argue this was more helpful than grad school in many ways!).”

Lucy Smith

PhD, Licensed Psychologist and Badass Guide

Am I too burned out for this program?”

And other Frequently Asked Questions
  • I'm feeling really burned out and overwhelmed. Is now the right time to do this?

    This is a tricky question to answer because it depends entirely on just how burned out you are…

    One of the first things we’ll do is look at your schedule and make a plan to reduce your caseload (and increase your income), which will give you the time and space you need to help you recover. The first three months of the program are focused on burnout-recovery.

    However, if your burnout has reached a clinical level (if you’re feeling depressed, chronically ill, completely uninspired, etc.), I would recommend NOT investing in this program just yet. You probably need a sabbatical, a heavy dose of therapy and self-care, and time to nurture your body/mind back to health.

    When you’re ready, my aim is to help you change your business so that it’s totally burnout-proof.

  • I'm ready for a change but don’t know what I want to do next in my business... is this program for me?

    Yes! Most people have no idea what to do next because they’ve been too busy busting their ass in private practice to think about it.

    Before we dive into the nitty gritty, we’ll spend time clarifying what it is you want to do next with your career. We’ll get close enough to the “right answer” (honestly, knowing for sure what you want to do next takes most of us years to figure out!) and then I’ll teach you the process you can follow to pivot your brand and create out-of-the-box service offerings.

    Just like a good therapy session, the process is more important than the content in this program. You can rinse and repeat this process ad nauseam in the future when exploring different ideas for your business.

  • What is a personal brand?

    Think of a personal brand as a business platform that spotlights YOU as the specialist, the person with something interesting to say, the provider with a special sauce for helping your most ideal clients create a powerful transformation in their life.

    Since your personal brand business spotlights YOU, you get to show up in the business as your most authentic self and design boundaries that honor your needs (+ give you full control over how you live your life). If you want to be less busy, more profitable, and more creative, this is a great path for you.

  • How do you make money from a personal brand?

    This is my favorite part! You can make money however. you. want.

    Your personal brand will liberate you from butt-in-chair, one-on-one therapy prison and unlock the door for your most creative, out-of-the-box ideas. Group programs, online courses, high-ticket intensives, luxury retreats, membership communities, helpful workbooks, pre-recorded meditations… the sky’s the limit!

    When you create a powerful message and know how to get in front of the people who need it most, you can make money selling whatever offer feels most exciting, creative, and energizing for you.

  • When does Next-Level Therapist start?

    We welcome new members into the Next-Level Therapist community a few times per year. Take a peek at the countdown timer on this registration page to see when we’re kicking off our next cohort.

    Once you’re in the community, you’ll have immediate access to the Next-Level Therapist curriculum, which you’ll be able to move through at your own pace. You’ll also be able to attend live coaching calls with Maegan, live coaching calls with our speciality coaches, request one-on-one support with your Client Concierge anytime you need it, and post questions/comments in the private Facebook group 24/7.

  • How much time do I need for this program?

    I recommend setting aside a 3-hour block of time each week to work on your business. Honestly, I recommend you do this whether you enroll in this program or not! If you want to change/expand/fine-tune your business, you have to prioritize time to think like a CEO. That’s impossible to do if you’re stuck in the weeds everyday. 

    I know how hard this is to do when you’re drowning in appointments, admin work, and general life stress. That’s why we spend the first two weeks of the program working on fine-tuning your schedule and strategically creating time and space to work ON your business before we dive into the personal branding curriculum. 

    And remember, each person who joins this program is just as busy, stressed out, and overwhelmed as you are. That’s why you’re here! I’m going to help you turn your business around so that you have more time, more energy, and more flexibility in your daily schedule. And I’m going to do it with one small lesson and one digestible action item each week to ensure you can actually fit this work into your overstuffed schedule.

  • When are the group calls?

    Group calls will take place the first & third Thursdays of each month from 12:30-2:00pm Pacific Time.

    The calls will be recorded and uploaded to your member’s area so you can review them later. Also, you’re welcome to submit questions in advance and I will answer them even if you can’t attend live. 

  • Is this program for me if I'm just starting out in private practice?

    This program is for established business owners who are ready to level-up. If you’re just starting out, this program will not be a good fit for you, as we do not cover any business building basics. I recommend joining Allison Puryear’s The Abundance Party and circling back to this program once you’re busy, profitable, and ready for what comes next!

Still have questions?

Email me at,
and I’ll answer all your questions ASAP.

If you’ve made it this far,
I know you’re ready to become deeply rested and wildly successful. What’re you waiting for?